With all due respect to my fellow East Texans who are low-carb advocates and KETO-aficionados, I’m not sure how some folks live without carbs. I tried those types of diets so many times when I was younger. Although I would lose some weight, after awhile I just didn't feel very good--not long term, at least.

Tara Holley

I also knew it wasn't sustainable for me to commit my entire life to not eating carbs. That's the thing with trying to get into ketosis---it just takes a few bites of carbohydrates to push you out. To me, that didn't seem natural. I told myself I'd just have to be slightly puffier than I’d be otherwise. (Or so I thought.)

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And so I gave up. I told myself I'd just have to be a little puffier than I would be otherwise if it meant I could enjoy potatoes, rice, and bread.

(Side note about carbohydrates--they're not all created equal. Yes cupcakes are carbohydrates, but so is a baked potato. It's the type of carbs that matter. Eating carbs laden with oil and sugar is obviously going to affect us differently than organic brown rice.)

Then I discovered whole-food, plant-based eating. For some yes this means vegan, too. For others, it simply means the primary focus of your diet in on fruits and veggies, whole grains, and plenty of legumes. (Some people add some eggs, fish, chicken, or even beef to their diets. Although, I like to wait until I've fully stabilized my plan before I diverge.)

Tara Holley

Thankfully, there are plenty of stores and restaurants here in East Texas that make this way of eating quite simple, actually.

Whether I'm picking up some veggies kits at Fresh by Brookshires, stopping by Sprouts for some whole grain bread, or even eating out at Mario's Italian Restaurant--it's almost always fairly simple to accomplish. Latin/Mexican food restaurants like Villa Montez or Javi's have lots of great options, too.

Tara Holley
Although I'd already had the notion that by eating carbohydrates I would gain some weight, the absolute opposite occurred. In the fall of 2018, I committed to this WFPB diet--with little to no cheese or meat (OR manufactured oils)--and I dropped 40 pounds. Rather easily, actually.
 In reality, I’ve had the best health results, including weight loss—by far—eating primarily healthy high-carb, veg, lower fat than I ever did with low-carbing.
One of my (and Jasper's) favorite snacks--Tara Holley
And in full disclosure—after last years quarantine, I fell back in the (SAD) standard American diet. My body, mind, and emotions all suffered. Yeah--about that...
Although losing the weight and watching my blood pressure and triglyceride levels drop, I think my favorite "side effect" of eating that way was how much better I felt mentally and emotionally. It was a game-changer.
Tara Holley
As far as exercise goes, I would walk about an hour 4 days a week and do 30-minutes of weights and calisthenics a few times a week. Obviously that contributed to feeling better and facilitating the weight loss, but the experts say 80% of it happens in the kitchen. I have found that to be true.
In the past, I would work out relentlessly but it never seemed to make up for the bad diet I was consuming.
Tara Holley
Thankfully though, I know exactly what to do to turn it around—and I have found—it always works. If you've been looking for another way to take care of your health, might I recommend considering this approach? It's been a game-changer for me.
And even though I'm just now re-booting, I already know what to expect. And that's a comforting thought.

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