You never know what you'll get when you wander into any given night club on any given night. Those who stopped in for 'Jazz Night' at the W. Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard this past Sunday evening (Nov. 30) got a genuinely unexpected treat, when Prince stepped up onstage.

As Nikki Leonti and the Honest Cheaters were rolling out a sprightly version of the Beatles' 1967 classic, 'With a Little Help From My Friends,' Prince, who just happened to be in the audience, wandered onstage, and, to the surprise of the audience and the band, began to unravel an amazing guitar solo. You can watch a section of it above.

His cameo appearance was short but sweet, handing the guitar back to its owner after a couple minutes of soloing, then left the venue as unassuming as he entered.

Just last week, he deleted his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and removed his official videos from YouTube with no reason issued; the Purple One, as always, simply doing as he pleases. He seems to be enjoying a new lease on his music as of late, allowing himself the spontaneity of things like this.