Happy birthday to Star Trek's first captain "James Tiberius Kirk."  William Shatner turns 90 years old today, March 22nd. It's hard to believe that a show that was on for only three years in the mid-sixties is still relevant today.

Are you are an original Star Trek fan? Here are the signs.

How You Know That You're a Trekkie 

You say "Make It So" in conversation.

You own Spock ears.

You have a dress and everyday Starfleet uniform in your closet.

You know that "Beam Me Up, Scotty" was never actually said on the original series but that doesn't stop you from saying it all the time.

Finally, you know that James Kirk had a different middle name when the series began. Any fan will tell you that his middle name was "Tiberius" but in the third episode of season one, there was a gravestone that said "James R. Kirk." Check it out for yourself.

Shatner did other TV series like T.J. Hooker but my favorite was the work he did on the show "Boston Legal" as Denny Crane. I especially enjoyed the scenes he did with James Spader. The episode usually ended with the two of them sitting on the balcony at work, enjoying a cigar and reminiscing about their day

A casual conversation between two friends on the show brought a smile to my face. My favorite episode was Season 2 Episode 3 when the boys go on a fishing trip in Canada to get away from it all. It's not only my favorite episode from the show but one of my all-time favorites from any TV program.

These days, Shatner is pushing the SoClean CPAP Cleaner, not bad for a man that has turned 90. He'll be celebrating his birthday with a Star-Trek-inspired party including dinner, tour, and an autographed photo. Here's the good news, you can still attend because it isn't happening until July.

Happy birthday, Captain, live long and prosper.